Le Ripailleur is a place where pleasure is both taken and shared. It's a venue for lunch or dinner, but also for enjoying a drink, discussing the world over a snack, and turning every moment into a small celebration. In short, it's all about feasting and enjoying life!

It's simple: we provide the setting, the smiles, the food and drink, and you bring the atmosphere. We designed Le Ripailleur to be close to you, the people of Saint-Ouen and beyond.

A bistro where, depending on your mood or desire, you can grab your morning 'petit crème', savor a lunchtime special cooked right before you, share a homemade dessert in the afternoon, enjoy a fine dinner for two, or nibble on a charcuterie or cheese board with a glass of wine in a group of three. It's also a place for family birthdays, booking a table for a business lunch, peacefully reading the newspaper, having a beer with friends, opening your laptop to feel less alone than at home, unwinding after a tough day at work with your favorite colleagues over a cocktail, and simply savoring your time.

But who are these feasters setting up shop in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine? They are a duo who have known each other since hotel school and are finally realizing their shared dream with Le Ripailleur. They are also determined to redefine the concept of 'feasting'. A lot of enjoyment, certainly, but with quality!


Ripailleur in the Dining Room

Romain, an adopted resident of Saint-Ouen, wanted to find a spot in the city to host the bistro project he was brewing with his partner-in-crime, Stanislas. A place that reflects their character, capable of housing all their whims. Romain's calling is the bistro life. Having previously helmed the destinies of La Timbale and Le Débonnaire in Paris, he now seeks to welcome in Saint-Ouen all those who love sharing life and good things. The dining room and the counter are his domains, and he awaits you there with his legendary good spirits, eager to introduce you to their dishes and latest finds in products, beers, or wines.

« For me, it's essential that people feel at home with us. That they can enjoy a coffee in peace, chat over a drink, or sit down for a meal if they wish. But it's also important that we can share our love of good cooking and quality products, even the simplest ones. I want them to come back for the taste as much as for the atmosphere. »


Ripailleur in the kitchen

He's the chef! At least behind his stoves.

« At Le Ripailleur, our ambition is for people to come with trust and let themselves be a bit surprised, while knowing they will always find something to satisfy their appetite, according to their hunger and means of the day. Here, one should be able to indulge, even indulge greatly. Whether it's a festive dinner or a daily snack, the culinary attention will be the same. »

Stanislas comes from the other side of the ring road but was easily convinced by Romain to cross it every day. Having worked in the kitchens of major restaurants (La Tour d'Argent, L'atelier Joël Robuchon, Le Cinq – Four Seasons Georges V), he has acquired a solid technical background, which he now dedicates to the art of feasting.

« The pleasure of the table is only worth it if shared. We offer a cuisine that directly connects with people. Simplicity and generosity above all. »